Why We Need More Campaigns Like Lafayette 148’s #UnordinaryWomen Project

“Behind every unordinary woman are countless women who have encouraged her along the way.”

Lafayette 148 wants to showcase and honor ALL women… that includes those not being afraid to be authentically themselves. It is these bold, brave and strong women that the brand has been highlighting via their #UnordinaryWomen campaign, which Lafayette 148 kicked off on International Women’s Day (March 8th) and has continued throughout the season, its end planned for May 31st.

Their goal is to highlight mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, celebrities, professionals and more because it is these women that inspire other women daily to be their best selves.

What we love about this campaign is that you can share your own story of an Unordinary Woman that inspires you and also help raise money for an amazing cause, She’s the First.

According to the brand, all you need to honor your Unordinary Woman is an account via Instagram:

For every post using our hashtag #UnordinaryWomen and tagging @lafayette148ny through May 31, 2019, we’ll donate $10 to She’s the First, a non-profit that helps support young women around the world to become the first in their families to graduate high school.

Based on the belief that “a girl with an education is unstoppable,” She’s the First provides education, mentorship and leadership training globally through 200 Campus Chapters in 10 countries, supporting 1,100 She’s the First Scholars to date. And they won’t stop until every girl, everywhere, graduates with a degree that gets her where she wants to go.

Learn more at

May 31st is a few days away so you have time to share your story of who is an Unordinary Woman in your life and support She’s the First.

Some of the Unordinary Women Lafayette 148 has honored so far include Fern Mallis, Creator of New York Fashion Week, who is very vocal about the fashion industry creating clothing for all sizes.

Here’s some of the other incredible women featured in this campaign:

We think a campaign that aims to celebrate women on a whole is a no-brainer and the tie-in of supporting an amazing cause is something we should see more of.

The only drawback we see is that while Lafayette 148 prides itself on being a size inclusive brand, their plus sizes stop at a size 24.

Company president Liz Fraser recently told Forbes about the core of Lafayette 148:

“Inclusive sizing is woven into the fabric of who we are, and it has been since we were founded. We’re devoted to beautiful clothing for accomplished women everywhere, regardless of size or shape. To us, our sizing doesn’t define us; it’s part of our philosophy of putting women first. Every decision we make is about offering our women the best possible experience.”

She went on to talk more about inclusivity when speaking about how this campaign was cast:

“Inclusivity is a core value at Lafayette 148, so it was important for us to reflect the diversity of women we serve. The beauty of this campaign is that we have women of all sizes and all ages—from their thirties to their seventies—working in such a diverse array of fields, and each one brought something powerful and unique to the campaign.”

We applaud them for having this mindset but by only celebrating women up to size 24, they are not only forgetting a segment of women who are often overlooked but they are not celebrating or dressing ALL women as they state they do.

We need more campaigns like this BUT… we all need to truly show ALL sizes and shapes, including those women over a size 24.

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