Powerful and Inspirational People

Powerful and Inspirational People

The other day I read the following quote on social media: “What a year this month has been.” And I said to myself, ain’t that the truth.

As we continue to navigate life during the pandemic and push forward towards justice, change, and true equality, we’ve also been watching how our industry has taken action.

Models and content creators have been taking part in protests worldwide with many using their social media channels to share information about voting, having candid conversations about systemic racism, and leading open discussions with brands on making changes within, while calling attention to the need for more diverse voices (and bodies!) to be featured front and center, while also being paid equally.

This month, we’re using our platform to showcase powerful and inspirational people who lead by example. They’ve come through unscathed during these challenging times, pushing forward while inspiring us to do the same.

Our cover model Molly Hopkins is a prime example.

Molly Hopkins

She has had to navigate her life during this new normal, including pivoting her business LiviRae Lingerie and maintaining a supportive environment for her young daughters while filming TLC’s Pillow Talk where her thousands of fans tune in to hear her thoughts on the latest 90-Day Fiance episodes.

As a cast member of TLC’s Pillow Talk, Molly has had to learn to produce her segments at home while observing social distancing guidelines, in order to bring a little joy into our living rooms every Sunday and Monday nights. This month, we get up close and personal with her on life, love, and motherhood.

Stay tuned for more on Molly and our other inspiring stories this month as we continue to support change, justice, and equality.

*Special thanks to Debbie Shannon for making this cover shoot possible and facilitating all of the details and to Molly Hopkins for always supporting me and PLUS Model Magazine.

Debbie Shannon and Molly Hopkins

XOXO Maddy