LiviRae Lingerie's Molly Hopkins

LiviRae Lingerie’s Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins is best known in our industry for her passion for OUR BOOBS.

Yes, LiviRae Lingerie’s Molly Hopkins can speak about proper bra fit any time and anywhere and we LOVE her for that. From the very beginning, she was embraced by the plus-size industry because she openly extended her knowledge and passion for all bodies. As part of her journey, she was introduced to the world via her participation in TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and most recently as a cast member on Pillow Talk.  This month we are so excited to bring you a little closer to Molly… Get ready to be inspired.

Molly Hopkins, PLUS Model Magazine   - July 2020

About LiviRae:

PMM: With businesses opening up, how has LiviRae taken steps to open up safely to have people come into the store and enjoy the shopping experience.

Molly Hopkins: During this pandemic, we have opened up but are limiting our hours to Thursday through Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-6. We ask all our customers to make an appointment and to wear masks and when they come in and to wash their hands first off. We have had some who try to buck the system but we are careful to spray disinfectant after each person. We have some that want to just walk in without a mask, but we ask them to wait and limit the number of people in the store.

If we are not in ATL, is LiviRae Lingerie still taking private appointments?

We are trying to help everyone all over the world and we have expanded our virtual appointments. They go to the website,, and book an appointment like they are coming into the office, but they let us know we are virtual and how to contact them, FaceTime or Google Duo. We have even had people from the UK recently.

What has helped you during these very uncertain times from a business perspective?

We closed way before anyone asked because we were worried about the personal contact we have with people. We have employees and family to think about and some with compromised immune systems. We were trying to think about what we were going to do and someone suggested we could make a mask with a squirrel print.  So we embarked on starting to make masks.

We put a small Instagram Live on to sell some things from our store that we had in inventory and showed the masks we made. We got a few orders that kept us hopping. Then the 90 Day Fiance Quarantine special aired and our website crashed and our emails blew up and social media messages and we were off on a mask mission. Those two things have kept us going until we were able to open up again. We are still trying to get messages through store email and social media for them and we are still trying to catch up.

About Motherhood:

Managing motherhood and a business is not easy. What has been the silver lining about being with your daughters during self-quarantine?

Quarantine has given me the time to spend with my daughter and teach her how to do real-life lessons like how to run a business, be a boss, and try to teach her to sew. She is a blessing with special needs with school and the things they were sending home were so frustrating and stressing everyone. I learned she wasn’t where she needed to be in her learning program. I don’t have a support system, that isn’t here at the store helping me, that can take her outside of the store. She has added stress and we are here to love each other when we need extra hugs.

You are the mom to two bi-racial children. What is your advice to parents about speaking to them about race, the protest, and why changes absolutely need to happen?

My older daughter, Olivia, is old enough to have her own mind and is very vocal. She is very light-skinned so she passes for white even though she reminds people she is black. She has gotten on social media and voiced her opinion and thoughts and has lost some friends from it. Kensley is still young enough, she understands there is stress in the world but she has the child mindset of, “Why can’t we all just get along and love one another”. She pays attention to how I treat people and I can only show her by example that we respect everyone and every race. Every time we chat she says, “Don’t worry about it, honey! We will get through it and be just fine.” She doesn’t like conflict.

TLC’s Pillow Talk

90 Day Fiance and Pillow Talk have a very loyal following. What would you like your fans to know about being part of this amazing cast?

The cast for all the different shows are so nice and I am friends with a few of them and we keep in contact. I am happy some of them have found true happiness and others are still on their journey like I am. I love Annie and Davie the most!!

Would you ever consider dating someone outside of the US again?

I am open to whatever God had planned for me, but they would have to come over here on their own. The K-1 visa process is long and stressful. I need someone here who can help me build my empire and have their stuff together and not play games. Dating is difficult, especially long-distance.

What is it like to be on this side of the story and watching the relationships unfold?

Hell, besides picking the wrong man, I realized I had my life more together than most of these people. Some of these people don’t have a place to live, or living with their parents, or even have a  job and are trying to have relationships and bring someone else into that scenario. I have a house and a business and two kids and I am doing okay. People are searching for something they can’t find in themselves. I dated Louis for two years and it was still like a honeymoon till he came here. You never know who they are till you are with them all the time.

Thank you for being so open and candid with us. We are wishing you all the best today and always.

Thank you to the incredible crew who worked on this shoot using social distancing guidelines.

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Molly Hopkins

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