May Flowers…3

May Flowers…

Sometimes I look at myself and say “Who am I?”

…Not because I’m disappointed but because what I had thought my life would be like at fifty years old is NOT at all what it is today. And that is the beauty of change… while it could be difficult it also allows us to experience more than we ever thought possible. As a mom to a child on the Autism Spectrum, my life is devoted to creating a quality life for her and preparing for the future.

May Flowers…

Through all the ups and downs I’ve learned to look at the challenges as learning moments and embrace the good times with passion.

Just like motherhood changed me in many ways and made me a stronger and more resilient person so has the modeling industry. After years of advocating and using our platforms and voices, we are seeing right before our very eyes our beloved brands using models that are visibly plus, mature models and models of different shapes and abilities. I can remember wondering if I would even be in the industry when this change would come and here it is. And while the fashion industry still has a long way to go this is proof that if we use our voices and stay focused on the progress change will continue to happen and WE WILL BE SEEN as we should.

This month our cover model Romy Dya knows a lot about transformation and following your journey from darkness into the light and we are so very honored to have her on the cover this month to continue to inspire us through the curveballs of life.

Happy Mother’s Day
xoxo Maddy