Friend and Fellow Model Shante Gordon Remembers Mia Amber Davis

Mia was my friend. I know she was a lot of things to a lot of people…actress, model, producer, icon, idol…but to me she was simply my friend, and it is with heavy heart and deep sorrow that I write this tribute.

On May 10th, 2011 I, along with many others, lost one of our most favorite people on the planet. Mia was light personified and I am honored that I held enough favor with the Lord to be blessed with her friendship. I don’t think Mia really knew the impact she had on everyone she came across but believe me, they knew. All I pray is that I am courageous enough to live my life as fearlessly and faithfully as Mia lived hers. She was an inspiration…and she was my friend.

I love you, Mia. God bless you, your mother, your husband and countless others who had the benefit of having you in our lives.