Mia Amber – The Epitome of Curvy.Confident.Chic., Marie Denee Remembers

Mia Amber – The Epitome of Curvy.Confident.Chic., Marie Denee Remembers

Last month, the plus size community unexpectedly lost a sister, friend, role model, community leader, and an icon in the making. Adored in the plus size fashion community, Mia Amber was more than a beautiful face. She ripped the runway, lovingly known as the face for Monif C, Size Sexy Rip the Runway Model, CNN guest commentator for size diversity, Plus Model Magazine Creative Editor, and this year’s Plus Model of the Year for Full Figured Fashion Week™; the ever so cool, calm, collected and humble Mia Amber was many things to so many people- but above all- she was the epitome of Curvy.Confident.Chic.


Mia was a plus size woman, model, and advocate. Standing tall at 5’10” at a voluptuous size 18, Mia was never a rule, she was the exception. Unapologetic about her curves, Mia stood toe to toe with the most outspoken of naysayers, advocated for acceptance, and challenged retailers for fair representation of the plus size woman.

Her curves garnered recognition as the Face of Monif C., giving fierce with every frock her curves fashioned. She owned her curves, nurtured her curves, and loved her curves- for they were hers.


Shoulders back, head up high, and with a strut that could kill, Mia Amber’s confidence was infectious. The ownership and presence that Mia displayed had been both admirable and inspirational- and still is. As a plus size woman, she did not let her size stop her from putting her best curve forward in all of her endeavors. This confidence coupled with amazing humility and grace, Mia was a force to be reckoned with and always welcomed adversity straight on.

Her confidence did not stop there as she inspired, motivated, and nurtured confidence within others. As a mentor, friend, and community leader, Mia Amber’s  amazing spirit encouraged other women to shoot for the stars and aspire to achieve their own dreams.

“Follow your heart and dream big. You CAN do anything”- Mia Amber 


Always dressed to impress- from her UGGS and Denim to the floor length maxi gown- Mia was always classy and polished, even when she was not trying to be. Confident in her curves, Mia knew what looks worked for her and owned them. In addition to defining and owning her own style, Mia Amber was NEVER stingy with sharing her fashion tips and stellar finds. As a size 12 shoe wearer, Mia stayed resourceful and quickly would share with others where one could score a chic pair of size 11+ shoes to complete the fiercest look.


Mia Amber was one of the few women I knew within the community who embodied Curvy.Confident.Chic. Forever humble, graciously unapologetic, perfectly poised and polished, confidently classy, and always the professional, Mia Amber will forever be, to me the epitome of Curvy.Confident.Chic.