Madeline Jone, PMM Editor-in-Chief

Madeline Jone, Editor-in-Chief PLUS Model Magazine

Maddy’s Plus Modeling Guide  – Top 10 Questions Aspiring Plus Models Should Ask Themselves…

Everyday, I am asked by curvy women everywhere, “How do I become a plus size model?”

As the editor for PLUS Model Magazine, I’m in constant contact with modeling agencies, brands and designers and know what they are looking for in plus size models. As plus size fashion continues to make news, plus size models have never before been in such high demand. With all this being said, beautiful plus size women are everywhere but knowing if you have what it takes to be a model is key.

I will go deeper into each one of these areas in more depth in the coming months, but wanted to share my ‘Top 10 Questions” any aspiring model should ask themselves when starting to embark on this career. Please read through each question carefully, as this is the MINIMUM aspiring models should know before getting started:

  1. Do I meet the criteria for plus size modeling?
  2. What options do I have if I don’t meet the criteria for plus size modeling?
  3. Do I need money to be a plus size model?
  4. What is ‘testing’ and do I need photos as an aspiring plus size model?
  5. What type of pictures should I be using to present myself to agencies or prospective clients?
  6. How do I approach a plus modeling agency?
  7. What do I wear when I am meeting with a modeling agency?
  8. Are networking and attending plus size events important?
  9. How does social media factor into plus modeling?
  10. How can I work with PLUS Model Magazine?

If you are new to plus modeling, also make sure to read all the articles in the Getting Started in Plus Modeling section as we update this on a weekly basis! As well as all of the different section in the How to Be a Plus Size Model Guide!

Wishing you much success on your dreams and goals!


Start Here… Do I meet the criteria
for plus size modeling?


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