Empowering Words of Wisdom From 7 Plus Size Athletes You Should Know

[tps_title]#7: Julie Creffield, founder of the Too Fat to Run, U.K.-based plus-sized athlete, author, entrepreneur and running coach[/tps_title]
Too Fat to Run
Image: Too Fat to Run / Julie Creffield

“But why are we so put off from standing out and being different through the disproportionate fear of possibly being laughed at? Imagine what the world would look like if every women who was scared all of a sudden stopped, and led the life she wanted to instead, just think what the dynamic would be in the workplace if women stood up, instead of sitting back?” [source]

You can check out Too Fat to Run / The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running here.

Image: Too Fat to Run

It’s like Julie said…imagine what we could do once we let go of fear and lead the lives we want? We hope this inspires you to get out there and live fully doing whatever makes you happy with yourself and your body.

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