Mega beauty brand L’Oréal Paris pleasantly surprised everyone last night when they launched their latest campaign “Your Skin, Your Story” with a commercial that aired during the Golden Globes.

The new campaign promotes their True Match 33-shade foundation range by simply celebrating diversity.loreal-true-match-campaign-2017

According to the brand’s official press release, their goal is show “the intrinsic worth and beauty of everyone” while championing “the unique mosaic of American beauty and L’Oréal Paris’ tenet ‘You’re Worth It.'”

“Your Skin, Your Story” features many different faces including actress Blake Lively, transgender model Hari Nef and plus size models of color Sabina Karlsson and Marquita Pring.

Yes, you read right. PLUS SIZE MODELS OF COLOR!

That’s what makes this such a major statement.sabina-loreal-image

Sabina Karlsson – signed to JAG Models

Often, plus size models are not used in beauty campaigns and there’s many who would be perfect for them. You would think that since beauty campaigns focus on the face, that the body size should not matter. But the industry on a whole is still in the midst of embracing inclusion for all when it comes to being featured in a major campaign or seen front and center.


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The term “plus size” has been treated like a dirty word for so long in the straight size industry, that to see changes happening in the form of this commercial, is a pretty big deal.

Tim Coolican, Deputy General Manager, L’Oréal Paris USA said in an official statement:

“L’Oréal Paris is a brand fueled by a mission to empower everyone to own and embrace their individual beauty and intrinsic worth. By featuring a diverse blend of individuals and illustrating their individual skin stories, our new True Match campaign celebrates the power and beauty of feeling comfortable in your own skin.”

The commercial that airs during the Golden Globes is just the beginning of the campaign. “Your Skin, Your Story” will also be promoted via social, digital and in print media in the following weeks.

We’re excited to see more! Congrats to Sabina and Marquita and kudos to L’Oréal Paris for including them in this amazing campaign.

Here’s a look at Sabina’s video that’s part of the campaign:

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Images: L’Oréal Paris